Inter-System Multi-Order PIM Testing System
Nowadays the network environment is more and more complicated, there’re various standards of the signals co-exist in the network optimization system,
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Desktop PIM Testing System
Testing freq. range: 100MHz-40GHz Testing power: 2×43dBm-53dBm(20W-200W) Application: Passive components & system intermodulation test
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NTPIM-XXXXE Series Outdoor PIM Testing System
NTPIM-XXXXE Series outdoor PIM testing system featuring with high reliability, excellent accuracy, low cost, light weight, easy to operate, portability etc.
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Integrated PIM Testing System
NTPIM-XXXX series integrated PIM testing system with maximum output power over 46dBm at testing port (customization is allowed to increase carrier wave power up to 53dBm), its maximum intermodulation
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NTPIMS-XXXX S Parameter & PIM Parameter Auto Switching Testing System
S parameter & PIM parameter auto switching testing system gives a solution of different parameters testing in a single testing bench, it working with software automatic
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