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Founded in 2004, Rflight Communication Electronic Co., Ltd. is a high-new technology enterprise dedicated to R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of RF power amplifiers, PIM testing systems, wireless communication channel emulator, wireless OTA testing systems, and switch matrix. Product applications including defense, EMC, space research, high energy physics, wireless communication, metrology testing and medical equipment etc.

 Nanjing Rflight Communication Electronics Co., Ltd

The company is located in Nanjing Jiangning Technology Development Zone, with overseas offices in Germany, India, USA and domestic offices, R&D center, open-lab in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu and Guangdong.

Our company has various production & testing equipment as well as its own environment lab including CNC center, shielding chamber, high-low temperature equipment, vibration desk etc.

Our company is ISO9001 Quality Assurance System certified to ensure the total control of each product and each process. In 2008 we are officially contracted with Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent Technologies) as Solutions Partner. Joint R&D with CTTL lab on telecom testing methods and verification & implementation of the related industry standards.

Our major products including various power amplifiers, PIM testing systems, Switch matrixes etc. Our Power Amplifiers freq. span from 4kHz-100GHz, power from 1Watt-2MWatt. R&D, manufacture capability: CNC, Anechoic chamber, Shield room, high-low temperature chamber, vibration table etc, the company is ISO9001 quality management system certified so that to ensure all the quality process have been controlled. In 2008, Rflight has signed agreement with Keysight Technolgy (formerly Agilent Technolgy) as official Solutions Partner to co-develop PIM and EMC testing platform.

Accredited with various CE & FCC certificates, it opens up the door to the world market especially in USA & Europe, our customers are all over the world, China, USA, Germany, Sweden, India, Japan, Korea, Canada, France and Australia etc.

Company target: based in China but with worldwide vision, to modernize the company and create top tier brand! Satisfying national defense market, serving commercial market, ultimately bolster -up Chinese power amplifier industry.

Following “To be the best and to be the number one” concept, based on “Create value add for the customer” as our guideline, we’re resolved to pursuit as solution provider in power amplifiers and application system.


 Nanjing Rflight Communication Electronics Co., Ltd

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