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EMC Wideband Solidstate CW Power Amplifier

EMC Wideband Solidstate CW Power Amplifier

EMC Wideband Solidstate Pulsed Power Amplifier

EMC Wideband Solidstate Pulsed Power Amplifier

HighPower Wideband SolidState CW Power Amplifier

Freq. range: 10kHz-6GHz
Power range: 1W-1kW

EMC Wideband TWT Pulsed Power Amplifier

EMC Wideband TWT Pulsed Power Amplifier

EMC Wideband TWT CW Power Amplifier

EMC Wideband TWT CW Power Amplifier

EMC Wideband Solidstate Low Noise Power Amplifier

EMC Wideband Solidstate Low Noise Power Amplifier

HighPower Wideband SolidState PW Power Amplifier

Freq. range:  4kHz-45GHz
Power range:  100W-500kW(Duty cycle 0.1%-10% variable)
Applications:  EMC systems, passive components tolerance test, wireless communication jamming

HighPower Wideband SolidState CW&PW Power Amplifier

Freq. range: 4kHz-6GHz
Power range: CW 10W-1kW
                      PW 100W-10kW
Applications: Passive components PIM test, passive components tolerance test, wireless commun

HighPower Narrowband SolidState PW Power Amplifier

Freq. range: 100kHz-4GHz
Power range: 1W-1kW(Duty cycle 0.1%)
Applications: EMC systems, passive components tolerance test, wireless communication jamming & countermeasure, space

HighPower Narrowband SolidState CW Power Amplifier

Applications: EMC systems, passive components PIM test, passive components tolerance test, wireless communication jamming & countermeasure, space research, high energy physics, metrology testing and m
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