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5G Massive MIMO Test System

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Product description

5G Massive MIMO Test System

NT-VPM-VAM m×n is a bi-directional RF variable phase shifter and variable amplitude
modulator matrix, m input port and n output port, it is suitable for lab testing by
controlling m×n independent bidirectional RF channels. Users can easily
simulate 4G/5G telecommunication Massive MIMO system beam forming and
fading of the mobility scenarios between the sectors.


Product Features

  • End-to-End Performance Testing of Wireless Devices and Network
  • Emulate radio channel characteristics including path loss, multi-path
    fading, polarization for MIMO+ Beam-Forming.
  • Emulate radio BS Beam-Forming directivity.
  • Emulate radio UE movement BS Beam-Forming beam tracking.
  • Compatible with customer ATE platform, offer API control interface.
  • Extendibility, customized design, cover 1.8-2.7GHz, 2.3-3.8GHz,
    3-6GHz, 24-30GHz and up to 128×128 matrix.


Current Product Specifications
Operating Frequency: 1.8-2.7GHz, 2.3-3.8GHz, 3-6GHz
Input return loss: 15dB
Insertion loss: 40~56dB
Isolation: >50dB
Phase shift range: 360°, 1° per step
Phase error after Cal: <±3°
Attenuation range: 0~120dB, 0.25~1dB per step
Amplitude error after Cal: <±0.5dB
Input average power: 30dBm
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