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NTPIMS-XXXX S Parameter & PIM Parameter Auto Switching Testing System

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Product description

NTPIMS-XXXX S Parameter & PIM Parameter Auto Switching Testing System


S parameter & PIM parameter auto switching testing system gives a solution of different
parameters testing in a single testing bench, it working with software automatic
switching but without cable connection changing, it greatly improves manufacturer’s
productivity, it’s a very first invention of seamless testing switching for S parameters &
PIM parameter. The system is featuring with perfect in design, flexible to operate, easy
to upgrade and excellent in reliability.


Product Features

  • Freq. coverage: 700BAND/DD800/CDMA800/EGSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900/TD2000
  • System IMD3 sensitivity over -165dBc
  • Flexible combinations to achieve automatic multi-bands testing with switch matrix
  • Through software control easily realize the test mode switching: fixed or sweep frequency; transmit or transceiving
  • Suitable for IMD3,5,7,9,11 etc. high order intermodulation signal analysis
  • Periodic calibration through software to ensure testing accuracy
  • Standard test report generated by software
  • Seamless test switching for S parameter & PIM parameter


PIM & S Parameters Testing Schematics




NTPIM-0810 S Parameter & PIM Parameter Auto Switching Testing System, Instrument Requirements:
Name Model No. Qty
Vector network analyzer E5072A 1
Signal generator N5181A 1
Power sensor U2001A 1
Power amplifier NTPIM-0710 1
Power amplifier NTPIM-1822 1
Passive test module NTPIMD-700 1
Passive test module NTPIMD-900 1
Passive test module NTPIMD-1800 1
RF switch matrix NTDPDT-4×10 1


Key Technical Data
Signals Under Testing
IMD orders are based on IMD3, IMD5 receiving bands, capable to test IMD3, 7 transmit product
for UMTS2100, IMD3, 5 transmit product for CDMA800/EGSM900/DCS1800/ PCS1900/LET2600
Testing Signals
Freq.: LTE700, CDMA800, EGSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900, UMTS2100, LTE2600 compatible.
Input signal format: Keysight MXG N5181A CW signal 250KHz-3GHz, attaching with Keysight MXG
signal generator technical manual.
Test port power: 2 channel carrier wave signal, min. +20dBm to max. +46dBm
Output power accuracy: ±0.1dB typical, accuracy is guaranteed through Keysight U2001A power
sensor monitoring and correction of the system testing ports’output power.
Testing speed: sweeping time is 45-50s, 0.9s per fix point of freq, 50 points typically.
Display: On equipment display or PC display.
Data access: allowed to save test result through designated port, auto generate test
report in MS Word format, screenshot or MS Excel export is allowed for all test data.
Software interface: Access is allowed through data port.
Receiver Technical Data
Average floor noise: -145dBm, maximum (depending on instrument floor noise)
Dynamic range: 100dB, typical (depending on instrument floor noise)
Max. working input power: -60dBm
Max. safe input power: 20dBm (at any freq. combined power)
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