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NTSPPA-XXXX100001000 Series Power Tolerance Test System

NTSPPA-XXXX100001000 series power tolerance testing system is equipped with standard signal generator and dual channel power senor to monitor power and VSWR
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Technical specifications

NTSPPA-XXXX100001000 series power tolerance testing system is equipped with standard signal generator and dual channel power senor to monitor power and VSWR variation, through software integration platform achieving high power tolerance testing.

The system is featuring with high reliability, low power consumption, easy to operate, flexible for combination and expansion etc. It gives a perfect solution for telecom components manufacturers power tolerance testing requirements for base station back-haul passive components like antenna, duplexer, combiner, cables etc.


Product Features

  • Freq. covering 698MHz-2700MHz
  • Support continuous wave, pulsed wave, modulation signals power tolerance testing.
  • Support EGSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE modulation signals.
  • Support multi carrier waves input.
  • Flexible combinations.
  • Highly reliable design, meeting continuous operation requirements.
  • Through software control easily achieving DUT power tolerance test and arc test. It allows automatic test report saving and generating.
  • Average power: +40dBm~+60dBm(1kW)
  • Peak power: +40dBm~+70dBm(10kW)


Power Tolerance Testing Schematics




Power Tolerance Testing System Equipment Model Number & Applicable Telecom Standard:

Model No. Telecom Standard Signal Generator (refer to manufacturer’s) Output Power(CW&PW) Output Power Accuracy Power Steps
698-960MHz CW:1000W 40-60dBm
PEP:10000W 40-70dBm
±0.25dB/100MHz 0.1dB
1800-2200MHz CW:1000W 40-60dBm
PEP:10000W 40-70dBm
±0.25dB/100MHz 0.1dB
2300-2700MHz CW:1000W 40-60dBm
PEP:10000W 40-70dBm
±0.25dB/100MHz 0.1dB


Key Technical Data:

Testing Signals
Freq. selection: 698-960MHz transmit working freq.; 1800-2200MHz transmit working freq.; 2300-2700MHz transmit working freq.
Freq. accuracy: +2ppm, typical±5ppm, maximum (refer to N5182B signal generator manufacturer’s technical specifications).
Output power accuracy: ±0.25dB typical ±0.3dB maximum
System testing software: Chinese/English interfaces, power testing platform compatible with external signal generator (N5182B etc.), spectrum analyzer (N9010A etc.), power sensor (N1912A etc.), provide with remote monitoring test software.
Instrumental controlling: The system can be easily operated through IPC Software.
Working parameters setup: setups for signal freq., signal transmit power, power amplitude, system test on or off, as well as setup of testing system loss compensation etc.
Working mode selection: select continuous wave or pulsed wave testing modes.
Test power monitoring: real-time software controlled power sensor monitoring output average power, peak power and VSWR etc. also displayed on system software.
Warnings: support testing status indications, as well as abnormal working warnings. Allowed to setup warning thresholds and next emergency operation prompts.
Data access: test data and test curves allowed to save on hard-disk, easy to retrieve with software, supports database detection management.
Test result output: support auto test report generation, allows to generate and save test report using testing instrument or external PC.
System calibration: Testing software is capable to execute auto. calibration for testing system losses etc. of all testing routes,
calibration data will be auto retrieved when testing starts.
Protection and Inspection
Over-drive protection: when output power is larger than rated ( e.g. AVG>1000W), over-drive protection activates.
Over-current protection: when current output is larger than rated (200A), over-current protection activates, power supply without output or reduces output.
Over-voltage protection: when voltage output is larger than rated (28-32V), over-voltage protection activates, power supply without output.
Over-VSWR protection: the output port of the power amplifier open-circuit or short-circuit will not burning-down the Power amplifier, when power amplifier reflective VSWR>2, warning will be given or stops working immediately.
Breakdown detection method: Software supports monitoring power detection and VSWR variation.
Breakdown protection: Under auto detection mode, once breakdown has been detected (breakdown threshold provided by the customer, manufacturer default value is reflective VSWR>2 ), system automatically stops working to avoid further deterioration.
Over-heat protection: ≥60℃
Power indications: (± 0.25dB/100MHz) status indication, various warning indications, warning will be given with buzzer, timer function.
Interfaces type: impedance 50Ω, input ports on front panel, N-F type; output ports on front panel, 7/16-F type; VSWR<1.5, RS232, LAN & USD2.0 communication ports
System Software
Testing modes: continuous wave and pulsed wave
Remote control (optional): USD, LAN, GPIB
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