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NTPIM-XXXXE Series Outdoor PIM Testing System

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Product description

NTPIM-XXXXE Series Outdoor PIM Testing System


NTPIM-XXXXE Series outdoor PIM testing system featuring with high reliability,
excellent accuracy, low cost, light weight, easy to operate, portability etc.
It’s a perfect solution to telecom carrier’s outdoor antenna system PIM testing,
a truly daily testing toolkit.


Product Features


  • Frequency coverage: CDMA800, GSM900, DCS1800,
    TD-SCDMA2000, UMTS2100, LTE2600.
  • System 3rd order intermodulation sensitivity is better than
    -168dBc, suitable for outdoor base station antenna system PIM
  • Test port output power: 2 channel carrier wave signal, min.
    +33dBm to max. +46dBm.
  • Multi protections and inspection functions.
  • Capable to test IMD3,5,7 orders of intermodulation signals.
  • High accuracy, good repeatability.
  • Effective cooling, high reliability.
  • High speed testing, easy to operate.


NTPIM-XXXXE Outdoor PIM Testing System Specifications:
Model No. Tx Freq. Rx Freq. IMD Orders
NTPIM-700E 728-746MHz 698-716MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-L700E 728-757MHz 776-787MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-H700E 758-803MHz 703-748MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-D800E 790-822MHz 832-862MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-800E 869-894MHz 824-849MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-900E 925-960MHz 880-915MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-1800E 1805-1880MHz 1710-1785MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-T1800E 1880-1900MHz 1915-1920MHz IM3
NTPIM-1900E 1930-1990MHz 1850-1910MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-T2000E 2017.5-2025MHz 2010MHz IM3
NTPIM-2100E 2110-2170MHz 1920-2060MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-2600E 2620-2695MHz 2545-2580MHz IM3-IM9


Key Technical Data
Testing Signal
Freq. accuracy: +2ppm,typical±5ppm,maximum
Testing port power: 2 channel carrier wave signal, min. +33dBm to max. +46dBm
Output power accuracy: ±0.25dB typical ±0.3dB maximum
Display: Displaying current measurement on the receiver’s screen
Data access: allowed to save test result to the equipment
Receiver Technical Data
Average floor noise: -135dBm,maximum
Dynamic range: 75dB typical
Max working input power: -63dBm RMS ( transmit & receive freq. combined )
Max safe input power: 20dBm ( combined power at any freq. )
Reflect power protection: 47dBm(50Watt)
Over-VSWR protection: VSWR≥3
Over-heat protection: ≥60℃
Size: 380mm(W)×350mm(D)×135mm(H)
Weight:about 15kg
Self-intermodulation (2x43dBm): <-168dBc (standard product)
Pre-heat time: 3 minutes
Power supply: 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz; allowed to switch to battery mode,
battery testing operation time over 1 hour
Working temperature: Max -10~+45°C; recommended +15~35°C
System Software
Working modes: Engineering mode
Testing mode: Fixed freq
Remote control (optional): USB, LAN (TCP/IP)
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