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Integrated PIM Testing System

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Product description

Integrated PIM Testing System


NTPIM-XXXX series integrated PIM testing system with maximum output power
over 46dBm at testing port(customization is allowed to increase carrier wave
power up to 53dBm), its maximum intermodulation distortion accuracy is -170dBc
along with multiple protections.
This instrument is highly accurate owing to Keysight U2001A power sensor
monitoring and correction of the system testing ports’ output power. The
system is featuring with perfect design, flexible combination &expansion,
auto multi-bands testing is allowed through using RF controller, high
accuracy, effective cooling, easy to operate and high reliabilibty.


Product Features


  • Freq. coverage 700BAND, CDMA800, EGSM900, GSM900,
    DCS1800, TD-SCDMA1800, PCS1900, TD-SCDMA2000,
    WCDMA2100, LTE2600.
  • System IMD3 sensitivity over -170dBc, meeting various passive components testing requirements.
  • Suitable for IMD3,5,7,9 etc. high order intermodulation signal
  • Flexible combinations to achieve single band, full band testing
    at lowest cost.
  • Effective cooling, stable and reliable. Capable to generate
    printable test report.
  • Through software control easily realize the test mode switching: fixed or sweep frequency; transmit or transceiving.
  • By sharing signal generator, power amplifier module and signal processing model, the system provides with high
  • 3dB hybrid coupler combination, full band scan inside the pass-through band, high redundancy design, meeting high capacity
  • Switch matrix auto testing, support 7 or even more bands PIM
  • Platform design, plug & play for newly added bands.


NTPIM-XXXX Series Integrated PIM Testing System Equipment Models & Applicable
Telecom Standards
1. Wideband active power amplifiers model number & applicable telecom standards:
Model No. Telecom Standard Tx Freq. Linear Output Power
NTPIM-0710 CDMA/AMPS/GSM/EGSM 728-960MHz 20-46dBm
NTPIM-1822 DSC 1800/PCS 1900/UMTS-FDD/TD-SCDMA AorB 1805-2170MHz 20-46dBm
NTPIM-2527 LTE2600 2500-2700MHz 20-46dBm


2. Passive equipment reflect-transmit PIM testing model number & applicable
telecom standards:
Model No. Tx Freq. Rx Freq. IMD Order
NTPIM-700DB 728-746MHz 698-716MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-L700DB 728-757MHz 776-787MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-H700DB 758-803MHz 703-748MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-D800DB 790-822MHz 832-862MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-800DB 869-894MHz 824-849MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-900DB 925-960MHz 880-915MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-1800DB 1805-1880MHz 1710-1785MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-T1800DB 1880-1900MHz 1915-1920MHz IM3
NTPIM-1900DB 1930-1990MHz 1850-1910MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-T2000DB 2017.5-2025MHz 2010MHz IM3
NTPIM-2100DB 2110-2170MHz 1920-2060MHz IM3-IM9
NTPIM-2600DB 2620-2695MHz 2545-2580MHz IM3-IM9



  • Above are regular bands, customization is allowed for special bands.
  • Support single reflect, dual reflect and reflect-transmit test modes.


Key Technical Data
Signals Under Testing
IMD orders are based on IMD3, IMD5 receiving bands, capable to test IMD3, 7 transmit
product for UMTS2100, IMD3, 5 transmit product for CDMA800/EGSM900/DCS1800/ PCS1900
Testing Signals
Freq.: CDMA800, EGSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900, UMTS2100, LTE2600 compatible
Input signal format: Keysight MXG N5181A CW signal 250KHz-3GHz, attaching with Keysight MXG
signal generator technical manual.
Test port power: 2 channel carrier wave signal, min. +20dBm to max. +46dBm
Output power accuracy: ±0.1dB typical, accuracy is guaranteed through Keysight U2001A power sensor
monitoring and correction of the system testing ports’ output power
Testing speed: sweeping time is 45-50s, 0.9s per fix point of freq, 50 points typically
Display: On equipment display or PC display
Data access: allowed to save test result through designated port, auto generate test report in MS Word format,
screenshot or MS Excel export is allowed for all test data.
Receiver Technical Data
Average floor noise: -145dBm, maximum ( depending on instrument floor noise )
Dynamic range: 100dB, typical ( depending on instrument floor noise )
Max. working input power: -60dBm
Max. safe input power: 20dBm ( at any freq. combined power )
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