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HighPower Wideband SolidState CW Power Amplifier

Freq. range: 10kHz-6GHz
Power range: 1W-1kW

HighPower Wideband SolidState PW Power Amplifier

Freq. range:  4kHz-45GHz
Power range:  100W-500kW(Duty cycle 0.1%-10% variable)
Applications:  EMC systems, passive components tolerance test, wireless communication jamming

HighPower Wideband SolidState CW&PW Power Amplifier

Freq. range: 4kHz-6GHz
Power range: CW 10W-1kW
                      PW 100W-10kW
Applications: Passive components PIM test, passive components tolerance test, wireless commun

HighPower Narrowband SolidState PW Power Amplifier

Freq. range: 100kHz-4GHz
Power range: 1W-1kW(Duty cycle 0.1%)
Applications: EMC systems, passive components tolerance test, wireless communication jamming & countermeasure, space

HighPower Narrowband SolidState CW Power Amplifier

Applications: EMC systems, passive components PIM test, passive components tolerance test, wireless communication jamming & countermeasure, space research, high energy physics, metrology testing and m
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