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NTNPNT Series Solid-State Switch Matrix

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Product description

NTNPNT Series Solid-State Switch Matrix


NTNPNT series solid-state switch matrix, is working along with
2 ports or 4 ports of vector network analyzers, it’s capable to
expend the test port to 6, 8, 10, 12 or even more ports, it can
greatly improve productivity and reduce the cost for multi-ports
RF components testing (e.g. multi-ports base-station filter,
duplexer, high speed data cable, intelligent antenna etc.)
This switch matrix can also be used for wireless terminal or
base-station multi-ports RF testing


Key Features
  • Adopting solid-state switching, longer lifecycle, smaller size,
    lower cost.
  • Simplify multi-ports testing process, greatly improves
    productivity, accuracy & consistency.
  • With optimized multi-port calibration algorithm, the 2-ports
    vector network analyzer can be expanded to highly accurate
    multi-ports vector network analyzer.
  • Carefully selected RF components and optimized RF circuit
    switching sequence ensured the reliability, consistence
    and durability of the switch matrix system.
  • Simple and easy to use controlling commands and system
    software platform, convenient for customer to operate.
  • Streamlined system construction, easy for maintenance.
  • Customized testing software is allowed.


Key Specifications
Working freq.: 0.6-6GHz
Port VSWR: ≤1.3@0.6-3GHz
Channel IL: <10dB@0.6-3GHz
Isolation: >80dB@0.6-6GHz
Max. channel power handling: 2W
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