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Enterprise culture

Corporate purposes:

So that customer satisfaction, help staff grow, and social sharing!

Our Mission:

"To create value for customers" as the criteria, and strive to become the amplifier and application system manufacturing and solution providers!

Business philosophy:

Seiko boutique innovation excellence!

Our perspective:

The realization of each customer value is the greatest realization of enterprise value;

The pursuit of value is the starting point of our work, to create value is the driving force of our lives, to achieve the value of our eternal pursuit;

Market-oriented, quality as the prerequisite to talent as the core.

Business objectives:

Based on domestic, global, advanced companies, a first-class brand! Service civilian applications, the revitalization of national radio frequency amplifier industry!

Employee motto:

The success of the customer is our success;

The growth of employees, is the growth of enterprises.

A casual reminder will be able to restore a major loss of business;

An insignificant mistake could lead to a fatal mistake.

Innovative ideas:

Continued innovation tolerance failed

Continuous innovation is the source and motivation of enterprise survival and development, and always support staff innovation, innovation and technology, innovation management, innovation system, innovation environment;

The failure of innovation work, to understand, tolerance, but also to encourage innovation to become a quality, a spirit, a fashion.

Team concept:

Target coherence, tacit trust, risk sharing

The company advocates the geese team spirit. In order to achieve the company's goals, everyone should be loyal to their own team, courage to play the burden, play to their potential, work hard, in the team to become "leading goose";

To trust each other, tacit understanding, willing to sacrifice, surmount, in the fierce competition in the market wrestling waves, tackling tough, and ultimately in the realization of enterprise development strategy objectives at the same time to achieve their own life value.