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PRODUCTS Committed to using the excellent power amplifier products

5G Massive MIMO and Beam-forming Testing

Research and verification of MIMO and beam forming algorithms for 5G wireless devices; 5G phased array antenna MIMO OTA test; 5G active equipment near field OTA test; Simulation for complex 3D spatial wireless channel characteristics.

Compact Field Testing System ( Far Field )

Builded up the 1st 5G 3 meters quiet zone compact range far-field testing system in China.

5G Massive MIMO Test System

NT-VPM-VAM m×n is a bi-directional RF variable phase shifter and variable amplitude modulator matrix, m input port and n output port, it is suit

RF Switch for Multi-channel Device Automatic Testing

Multi-channel wireless communication equipment automated test; S-parameter and amplitude-phase automatic test of 5G array antenna; 5G multi-channel active base station RF performance automation test

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So that customer satisfaction, help staff grow, and social sharing!

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Strive to become the amplifier and application system manufacturing and solution providers!

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Based on domestic, global, advanced companies, a first-class brand!

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The Company has a batch of backbone engineers experienced
in microwave communication technology research and development
and design in Nanjing Jiangning Economic and Technological
Development Zone, including 1 researcher, 3 senior engineers...

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Seiko boutique innovation excellence!

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RFLIGHT participate in the international microwave symposium 2019 in Boston
The three-day 2019 International Microwave symposium was successfully held in Boston, USA by the Institute of IEEE. The IMS Show is known as the world's most important event for RF and microwave profe
RFLIGHT released the newest telecom testing solution in Barcelona 2019 MWC
As of today, the four-day 2019 World Mobile Communications Conference, hosted by the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA), was successfully concluded in Barcelona, Spain.
RFLIGHT dressed up to participate the Mobile World Congress Americas
The Mobile World Congress Americas was held from September 12th~14th at Los Angeles , organized by Global System for Mobile Communications(GSMA) and Cellular
RFLIGHT participated the 2018 ACES Conference in China
ACES serves as a forum for developers, analysts, and users of computational techniques applied to electromagnetic field problems for all frequency ranges.